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Got another MB today.....Some questions

Well I actually went through with it........

I added another Star to the fleet today.

A 1989 420SEL - 243k miles

Overall the car is in great shape, and drives 100% The car was a one owner car that had a stack of service records that could fill a 3 ring binder......

I noticed a few things however and was wondering if anyone had any idea how to go about rectifying them.

#1 - The car has an aftermarket Kenwood CD deck in it, but only the drivers side speakers play. The fader switch in the center console crackles and pops over the speakers when you try to adjust it, and it only plays any sound when you mess with it.

The fader switch on the head unit, does not seem to work either, it does work, but switching to the rear just lets the drivers side play. Switching to the front emits no sound.

I'm thinking who ever wired this in didnt really know what they were doing.... anyone have any idea on how to properly do this.
Anyone have a wiring diagram for the audio system in this car?

#2 - The dome lights do not come on when you open either of the front doors. If you open a rear door, the rear dome lights and lights at the bottom of the rear doors work. The lights do work when you put the switch all the way up, but then only the front ones turn on.

I'm thinking either the switch is bad, or a door pin contact switch is bad i.e. not completing the ground, making the car think that it's just always closed.

Any ideas? Anyone have a wiring diagram?

#3- When the car is shifted into drive, it takes a second for the gear to engage.... Other than that trans is 100% - shifts perfectly - no noise etc.....I'm assuming something may be the slightest bit out of adjustment. The car is on it's second transmission. If this isnt a huge warning sign for something going wrong, then I am perfectly content to just live with it....

That is all I have found so far....

Thanks for any help in advance,

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George Androulakis
1996 C220 109k mi
1989 420 SEL 243k mi
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