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found a mechanic - is this a fair $

Brought my '93 190e 2.3 to a highly recommended mechanic. My first visit was for an oil/filter change and to have him inspect the car. He spent over an hour and a half going over the car, showing and explaining everything- pulled wheels, topped fluids, etc. Charged me only $27.22 for oil change and made the following recommendations:
Ignition Wires
Fuel Filter
Flush coolant
Flush brakes
Flush tranny/filter
Rotors and pads for rear only (front are fine)

He quoted $1,050 for the above and said that the immediate items to take care of should be brakes and fluids.

I will do the tune-up myself and i have already ordered parts.
But for the list above, does this seem like a fair price?
1993 190e 2.3
Spruce Green Metallic
62k original
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