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Ok after some investigation.....

The passenger side works.... Sporadically.

I pulled the door pin switch, and jumped the two wires. Lights came on....

Basically the door pin trigger switches have seen better days. Nothing a few dollars at the dealer cant remedy.

About the radio - After some searching, it seems that the fader should have been totally eliminated from the circuit, and the speakers wired directly.

I called the previous owner, and he said that he had the radio installed at circuit city..... that explains that one...

Now it seems that the center console wood piece - which is pretty beat up was at some point glued down because I guess it got loose. Now I have to figure out how to remove it without destroying it, and rewire the head unit.

Next on the list - a rear power window that has some issues. - Hopefully just slipped off the regulator, or some other minor fault.
The motor does work, so worse case a regulator.

Time will tell, the car has some bugs in it but over all I'm very happy with it so far.

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