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Originally Posted by lacolocho View Post
Ahoy A. Shedd from A. Shedd

Have you ever driven a VW Quantum?
They are damn tough to find but are a great middle ground between a tiny Gold and a 190D
The diesels have the same 1.6L turbo motor that is so desired in other models, although mounted transverse. They came in an automatic and the more desirable 5-speed manual. With the latter you can get 40mpg easy.
I had two different sedans and a friend with a wagon, she claimed to get 45-50pmg but mine saw closer to 40-42mpg.

I actually did a quick search and there's one out here for only $2k with a freshly rebuilt engine. If I had the money I'd snatch it up myself!
your silly lol..

I'm not sure I like the look of those Quantum.

I did have an Audi 4000s quattro once that I liked alot.. wonder if they ever stuck a diesel in there? I think mine was an '87
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