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The guide rail pins can be pulled using a bolt and a socket or large nut. You put the bolt through a washer, then a socket or nut larger than the pin, thread the bolt into the pin and tighten down to extract the pin. You may have to experiment with bolt lengths, etc.

I bought the special star tool for the head bolts. The gas engines are 10MM and the diesels are 12MM, but I don't know what this is called. I bought the Benz tools. A friend of mine bought a set of them made by Lisle. They were inexpensive and worked well for him. I don't think Craftsman can supply this tool.

I would really want to have a good wrench for this job due to the way you torque these heads. You torque them to the value in the book following the pattern. Then you turn them all 1/4 turn following the pattern, and then, I think another 1/4 turn following the pattern. If you don't have a book, I will look it up for you. You basically stretch the daylights out of the head bolts. If the engine has never been apart, the head bolts should be in good shape. After a few stretches, they need to be measured for length before reuse.

BTW Don't overlook checking the valve springs as suggested earlier in the thread. You can do this quickly by just pulling the valve cover. If you do find a broken spring, don't expect to simply replace the spring and everything be finished. There will probably be other damage as a result. But, you should check them.

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