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funny noise at 65mph+

Hello all- today on my way to my football game, i was cruising down interstate 95...when i reached approximately 65 mph, a funny, and very noticeable, noise started from what sounded like behind the odometer (front driverside quarter of car) sounded like a very fast and unhealthy ticking noise, so i slowed down and pulled off into a weigh station. However, when i had decelerated to about 45 mph, the noise went away, so i continued on the highway. once again, when i reached about 65 mph it came back, so i again pulled off the highway. once again, it stopped when i reached about 45 mph, but for good this time. i drove cautiously to my game (about another 15 miles), consitently reaching 75+mph speeds on the highway, and no funny noises whatsoever. i also drove home today at such speeds with no such noises. any idea what this could be? thanks

p.s. it is a 1986 300E with 221k
Chase O.
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