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Shocks/hydraulics suspension bumping on 1987 560SEL

Thanks for any help.

On my 1987 560SEL there is bumping or bottoming out of the suspension when going over most bumps. If I am going 60mph there is hardly any noise or it is not noticeable. If I am going 35mph they are more frequent and louder and if I am going 5 to 10 mph it is a loud hit or bump. It seems like the shocks are bottoming out. It seems to be happening on the front and rear shocks but more loudly and more frequently on the back - its kind of hard to tell but thats what it seems like. So alot of times even though I am obviously going over the same bumps with the front and back suspension the noises will only sound like its coming from the back. Other times it will come from both front and back?

Any suggestions would sure be appreciated. I have worked on my own cars all my life but have only been recently working on my Benz. I'm pretty good with tools but if you can explain any work you suggest I would appreciate it.


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