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My reply was directed at the concept and the first reply that you received.

I must say that the format here leaves something to be desired. My reply should have followed some sort of thread line to indicate at which point I replied. It does appear right below the other post so I have a little trouble understanding your confusion.

Since I have no idea of the complexity of making modifications to this format, I haven't complained. It is sometimes hard in long threads to determine who is talking to whom (almost like a chat room). Since I am pointing this out I would also mention that when I do reply (unless I pick the reply w/quote method) I have to remember the whole thread which sometimes has multiple issues. I have learned to use the reply w/quote and then delete the quote, once I have made a full reply.

I have done extensive posting on the iATN and I'm spoiled. Another feature they use in the reply mechanism is to let you see the finished product as it will be viewed and you can go back with your browser to repeatedly edit untill its right. Then you can send it.

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