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Unhappy Power Door Lock Problem

I tried looking at the archives and didn't find an answer... so here I am posting my problem and hopefully would find a resolution to it.

my power door locks are not functioning like they should be. I am trying to get this fixed as its annoying to have to manually open all the door locks when having passengers in the car. When I open the driver's door.. I would expect that all 4 door locks would unlock. Besides the driver's door.. none of the other 3 unlock. When I lock my driver's door.. only the front passenger door locks and the rear doors need to be manually locked. When open the trunk... none of the door locks open ( actually, now I can't remember if the driver's door opens or not). However, when I lock the trunk.. the front passenger door locks as well.


Driver door: unlocks when I unlock with key.. locks when I lock with key

Front Passenger: does NOT unlock when I unlock driver's door.. LOCKS when I lock driver's door.

Rear left: does NOT unlock or lock when I unlock or lock driver's door.

Rear right: does NOT unlock or lock when I unlock or lock driver's door.

Trunk: Locks front passenger door when locking trunk. All others don't lock. Unlocking trunk does not unlock any of the 4 doors.

Since the front passenger door actually does lock.. I don't think its the pump thats bad.. but a vacuum line from what I hear on this board. I have no idea how the lines look like and/or access them. I know there is the pump thats located in the trunk enclosed in a rubber protector... thats about it. Any valuable input is much appreciated.

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