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I personally think the 400E/E420 is the best of the W124 body. They're a fraction of the cost of an E500 to buy, with a great deal of the performance available. Our member amg280 has added the 2.82 final drive ratio, which puts the 400E very close to 500E territory.

Even with the factory 2.24, the car is a peach. V-8 power, solid chassis, and much better handling than the S-Class cars.

David E Davis had a long term test car once, and I've never heard him say such things about a car. For years he raved about what an incrediable car the 400E was.

While it uses too much gas for my peronsal taste, and the cost of maintaining the V-8 long term also makes me hesitate, if I were shopping for a W124, a 400E would top my list.

Congrats, and welcome...
John Shellenberg
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