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Steve is right about the closing plugs. I did the same job this past Thursday for a lifter noise. It's easy to find the oiling tube that's missing the plug. With the valve covers removed the tubes are visible( eight per side ). With a small mirror, the tube that's missing the plug should take only a minute to find. Nothing against your mechanic, but why would anyone quote a price for a repair without properly diagnosing it first? This lifter issue is not going to solve your intermittent running problem either. Are you sure the ignition suppressors were checked for the correct resistance? Over the years I've seen dozens of these cause running problems similar to what you describe. A certified MB tech would've done this well before performing a compression test, in fact the suppressors need to be removed to get to the spark plugs so they could be checked then! If an MB dealer sold you this car then shame on them for not doing the right thing and fixing it right away. If a non-MB dealer sold you the car then shame on you for not getting it checked out prior to buying it. I can tell you countless horror stories that ALL could've been avoided if the owner had just let the MB professionals do their job. Good luck
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