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Hi Bob The answers to your questions are as follows. 1. Rear window regulators were/are a common problem on the w140. I don't know why they both failed at the same time unless they were rigged to stay up at some point. 2 & 3. Yes, a stuck open thermostat will cause this. Try this for a quick diagnosis. With the settings on EC ( A/C compressor off ) and asking for heat, cover the grille to restrict air flow over the radiator. After a few minutes the coolant temp. should come up a little. After the temp is up to normal see if you have hot air at the footwell, side, and defrost vents. If you do then the thermostat is the culprit. 4. Yes, the remotes go bad. Look into the little red window on the front while holding the button. After a few seconds the red LED should flah once. If not it's probably no good. 5. Lubing the sliding jaws of the sunroof is part of regular maintenance. If the vehicle was maintained someplace other than a dealer, it may not have been done for a while. 6. I've never seen a "sagging" headliner on a 140. DON'T use spray adhesive. These headliners are not glued in place. Have your local dealer find out WHY it's sagging!!! I'm thinking maybe related to the sunroof problem from a prior repair? Have it checked. NO GLUE!!!
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