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When I had my Porsche I took it to indes. Without exception, in the 12 years not only did they ALL suck, but they had a snotty attitude and refused to take responsibility for mistakes originating out of their work. That is the only reason I sold my Porsche, dang it!

While I wonít say the same is categorically true of MB techs as there are many fine individuals on this site, the only inde Iíve taken my MB to was less than satisfactory. Dealer techs will obviously not necessarily have more experience or competence, but they at least have the full force of MB behind them and a parts department that most indes will never have. This is not a slam of indes, merely the obvious as it exists around these parts.

OTOH, if folks such as Benzmac, Stevefb and many others of extremely high competence and generous nature were around here, Iíd make a bee line to their shops and never look back.

As an aside, for the comment that Steve W made (above) at the dealership I use, I always talk with the tech thatís gonna work on my car, usually before and after, plus I almost always use the same tech. It is always worth the effort to get to know the guy!

In the end, for me anyway, it is simply a case of bowing to the reality.

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