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There was always age discrimination in the Work Place.

Security Guard companies do not mind hiring older Folks like myself.

But, the job is boring, pay is low, Coworkers unreliable,the supervisors are not very good either.
They almost always have a lot of overtime because people just do not come to work when they are supposed to.
I have tried it 3 times. Stayed 3months at one place, 1 year at another and almost 2 at one place.

There is a big shortage of Supervisors in the Security Industry. The Pay is low and the Employees are not reliable when it comes to showing up to work. Supervisors get blamed for what the Employees do.

If you have the funds, time and interest and can learn something serious like being an Nurse, X-ray Tech, Respiratory Therapist, Physical Therapist and so on you may find the age issue
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