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Originally Posted by barry123400 View Post
Well it is two and a half years since this thread originated. I do not really know if the employment scene is better or worse now. I do not take the pulse of it. If better I assume only marginally so.
Better statistically, which is to say the jobs aren't what we used to refer to as good jobs.

The noticiable thing to me is the price increases since then up here in Canada. On many things they seem quite pronounced. . Everyone has to make a living. Yet with many prices that are now current and I expect to still inflate further. It is no joke for many families.
Absolutely. The price of food has only begun its rise, from what I can tell. I am single but overextended due to my own stupidity. I cannot imagine what working people with a family are having to do to get by, between the price of food and the ridiculous property and rental markets in some part of the country.

It will take a lot of years I suspect to climb back out even if it is possible.
Possible but it will take so much time. We have become accustomed to having piles of personal possessions, the ownership of which is only possible at Chinese-labour prices. But then we get Chinese quality, which means the whole exercise is a dog eating its tail as the stuff isn't remotely durable or repairable.

I heard an interesting reflection the other day: the 'personal storage facility' industry didn't exist 20 years ago in Canada. Now they're springing up everywhere.

We're drowning in our cr@p.

Sorry I guess I took this even further off topic. I had never actually seen this thread before and it's very sobering.

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