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Originally posted by psfred
The vac pump for the locking system is in the trunk, spare tire well, I think. Has a single hose, provides vac to lock the doors and pressure to unlock.

You can test the locking system with a mitivac hand pump -- vacuum should lock all doors, gas filler, and trunk. Pressure should unlock everything.

The pump must run and provide vac when the driver's door, passenger front door, or trunk is locked, and also provide pressure when any of those three are unlocked.

Check the electrical connection -- it can get corroded and no provide enough juice to the pump.

Also check the condition of the rubber connector for the vac/pressure line -- if it is in poor condition, insufficient vac or pressure will be delivered to the system.

If the pump is OK, then you will need to find the leak -- either you have a bad rubber hose connector or a bad actuator. The door actuators are in the bottom of the doors, the trunk one is on the right side of the lock, under a cover panel, and the filler door one is on the upper right side of the trunk, behind a panel.

1) what is a mitivac and where would I find one?
2) where would I check the electric connection for the pump?

My gut feeling is that the pump is fine.. but the rubber connectors(I have no idea how they look like) are the ones to blame. Is it a tough task to replace these rubber connectors? Also.. does every door have an actuator or is it one that powers all the doors? I am curious cuz I would like to narrow down the possibilities before attempting to fix this problem.

thanks once again
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