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rear suspension links W124 help please

Hi all,
I'm doing some work with the springs in my '87 300D and I've run into a few issues. Its VERY difficult to get the spring link installed, even using a bottle jack to take the weight off the bolt. I can pound the bolt in. It does NOT want to be at the angle its at and I believe this may be tearing up the bushings - parts car bushings 175Kmi perfect condition, daily driver 261Kmi chewed up. Also, the torque and thrust arms don't line up perfectly without force, either. I can get the bolt in and tighten it down, but I can see its at a small angle that's eventually taken out by tightening down the bolt. I have never done this work before, so I do not know if this is normal or indicative of something bent or wrong. Any ideas?

Brian Toscano
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