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Well I am resurrecting an old thread.

I just bought a week ago a car with the same exact symptoms as the original poster. But when I bought my car the pervious owner had a shop removed the ip so I had no way to start it. After I got it home, I noticed the tank was completely gunked up and so was everything else to the ip...I cleaned the hard lines and replaced the tank, ip, injectors and everything in between. I get good fuel to the engine but can only get it to start for a few seconds at a time after about 30 mins of cranking. I got some good advice in this thread. I will try the wd40 trick, oil cap trick, valve adjustment and finally miracle oil before I throw the towel in. The engine sounds strong when it goes and only 150k on the odo with a new transmission....I don't want to give up yet...but at least I can now see the first had effects of WVO.

I have a thread on benzworld with photos of the WVO damage if anyone is interested.
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