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190e sportline Drivetrain problems...

Hey, awhileback I posted regarding a 1993 190e Sportline I had considered purchasing. Today the technicians finally go to put it up on the lift and inspect it. It has 17 inch AMG monoblocks.. which apparently have done more bad than good. From my understanding, the increased diameter of the wheels and tires has damaged the CV joints, right now we dont know if the differential is damaged, the CV joints have to be replaced first. Is it the larger diamter, or larger width of the wheels/tires that causes this damage?

I can buy the car for only 4500 with both sets of wheels and tires, but hey,,, who wants stock wheels over the AMGs??? I would like to keep the AMGs on the car, I have thought about buying lower profile tires, something closer to match the originial diameter of the factory wheels+tires. I think the existing tires are 45mm... is it safer to go lower profile or what?, Is there any other way to keep from tearing up the drivetrain? My dad (im 17) works at the mercedes store, so repairs wont be too expensive, but nobody wants to constantly repair a car simply because the wheels are tooo damn big.

Ive seen lots of 190's with 17's on enthusiast sites, anybody out there similar problems???? any solutions?!?!!?!? please help!!!, (right now im stuck with a rickety-put-put Volvo (woman deflector) thats on its last limb, so im dyin for a different car!!!)



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