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My godfather's father passed away recently, leaving him with a 380SL. I don't think my godfather really is interested in using it: first, he's a BIG guy and the 380SL is a pretty small car; second, he just bought a 502-HP motor for his early 80's Impala, which will probably keep him satisfied for a while.

I'm considering approaching him and asking whether he would consider selling/giving the 380SL to me. It's currently sitting his his barn - in the dirt, covered with a plastic tarp. I would really hate to see this car sit out there and rot.

So, what should I look at in this car to make sure it's worth my trouble? I don't want to take a car that's full of problems, more trouble than it's worth. My financial situation right now won't allow me to pour thousands into repairs, at least not for another year or two. The only cars I've ever owned for any length of time have been 240D's, so I know them pretty well, but am not sure where to start looking on the 380SL. I don't even know what year it is; I expect it's early-mid eighties, but I haven't even looked at it with the tarp all the way off.

Any help? Thanks.

- Nathan
'83 240D
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