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Question 500SL good years? bad years?

500SL good years? bad years?

Having taken MBDoc's and others advice, I am not shopping for the 90-94 300SL's, in fact I am going to try for a 500SL in those years. I see some 500SL's in my price range from 1990 to 1992 with anywhere from 45k to 90k mileage.

1) Just like pre 1994 300/320SL, are there any "bad" 500SL years? Anythng I would have to worry about on say a 1990 or 1991 500SL?

2) Am I better off spending my money on a newer year, or less mileage. Case in point: 1990 with 45k is the same price as a 1991 with 75k which is the same price as a 1992 with 97k. Where am I smartest to put my money into?

Thanks much guys, I know Im a pain, but I seriously have to have a 500SL, then I willhave to check into MBz rehab!!! Thanks for bearing with me and all the great advice. Im almost there...
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