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My Olds brake job

Thanks, guys, for helping me cover all the bases.
The Textar pad instructions say to make several GENTLE stops, from 80 kph down to 40, then let them cool for a few seconds, then brake to zero kph. After that, they say to go easy on them for 100-200 miles, not letting them get too hot.
My friend noted that the parts store guy is working the parts counter after being a wrench, so consider the source!
I used the silicone lube that came with the new rubber sleeves. I know that's not what's cooking, because I know the smell of hot pad material all too well.
The brakes are definitely dragging.
The fact that the billowing smoke came from BOTH wheel wells tells me it's not that I failed to bottom out the pistons, or that I installed the pads incorrectly. I have to go home and get the part #s off the parts cartons. If that doesn't indicate that they gave me wrong parts, I'm still going to demand new rotors and pads, and compare thicknesses. If they're all just as thick, I'll buy them somewhere else.
Thanks again.
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