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Unhappy Tie-Rod from HELL…Desperation setting in…HELP!

I cannot get a tie-rod end out, no matter what I do! A big part of the problem is that it's the one on the arm coming off the steering box, so I don’t want to beat on it with a sledgehammer. I’ve tried tie-rod separators, heat, penetrating lube, some pressure with a pickle fork in conjunction with the pressure exerted by the separator, & some (light) hammering on the sides of the steering arm socket while pressing with the separator, all to no avail.

This thing is so stubborn that when I used a scissor-action separator it snapped the pivot pin! I then used the type of separator that uses a threaded rod to exert pressure straight down on the end of the threaded shaft that comes through the steering arm – I ended up putting so much pressure on it that the end of the tie-rod started to mushroom & distort the steel!

Any ideas on what else I can do to get this thing apart?

Thanks in advance for everyones’ help on this!


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