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The shaft of the ball stud is tapered in a tapered hole. You don't hit the shaft with a force to drive it straight out. You hit on the end of the Pitman Arm so as to put pressure on the tapered hole to pop it out. You know, the banana principle. If you cut the end off the banana and squeeze it hard, the banana will push out.

I have removed a number of tie rod ends this way. I have a pickle fork, but I expect that for every one that I've removed with the pickle fork, I have removed nine with a hammer while the pickle fork was lying undisturbed in my tool box.

You will do less damage to the steering box by striking the end of the Pitman arm with a hammer than you will with heat IMHO.

In most cases, one well placed blow with about a 3 pound ball peen hammer on the end of the arm in which the tie rod end is inserted and that thing will shoot out like it was coming out of the barrel of a gun. In fact make sure no other limbs are in its path, because it will hurt when it comes out.

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