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narrowing the decision

well, if I was going to pick between these cars. Here's what I'm goingto look for.-

1. paper work of maintenance and repair- ofcourse, less miles means less paperwork. (hopefully)
2. collision history- run a carfax on it. I know that sometimes we get minor fender benders- was the repair obvious?? matching colors?? Bondo??
3. MInor scrapes on the under pinnings/ running boards-- look under the front spoiler-- this spoiler is quite low - and look for damages caused by parking cubs, dips, etc.
4. Curb rashes on the rims and or bent rims(incl. the spare)
5 Auto top operation. ----this is a pain if this doesn't work properly!!
6. Fluid leaks and fluid conditions- fluids usually tell you the type of care a car received.
7. besides the obvious - it needs to "stand up in attention" kinda stance, interior condition will tell you the care it got.

sorry for the boring suggestions

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