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wheel bearing packing help


Ill be changing the rotors on my car tomorrow, and included in that task is the need to remove the hub, with bearings and repack the wheel bearings. I have a few questions:

I dont have a bearing packer. What is the best method to pack them?

Must I remove all the current grease in them, using a solvent? Or can I just wipe them down, then add new fresh grease to them?

If I must use a solvent to do it, what is the easiest way for a home DIYer to do this?

Can I just force grease into the bearing and continually wipe off the other side so that the old grease ought to be forced out?

Can anyone give me some veterans tips for setting wheel bearings? I dont have a dial gauge to set runout, but I have read that I can tighten the bearings down until the hub is really hard to turn, then loosen it 1/3 of a turn. That seems straightforward enough, except I dont know how hard really hard to turn is... Im a big strong guy, really hard can be too tight, even after backing off 1/3 turn.

Any good ways to actually check that I set the bearings correctly? I cant see how remounting the tire and shaking it can give me too good of an idea, as the maximum 0.005" or whatever it actually is is so minute I fear not being able to see/feel it. Having never done it this is my speculation, although I found that tip in the archives... But it was an experienced tech doing it.

Is there a visible/audible check to recognize if the bearings are too tight/loose?

Any info would be most appreciated. This is the first major DIY task I will be doing, so IIm giving myself all day to do 4 rotors and pads, f which the pads are apparently super easy to do. I feel very confident on everything except the wheel bearings, and I dont want them to fail on me when driving on the highway because I did something wrong...


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