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I appreciate the insight.

1. The injectors and seals are new, but this doesn`t rule out a problem with the fuel distributor. I might have to invest in some graduated flasks to measure individual (cc) outputs. If the fuel distributor is bad though, the performance would be lousy, especially at higher rpm. This is not the case

2. I had the same thoughts and have started down this road. I have already checked continuity throughout the harness to the brain which was ok. But it could be a problem with the brain itself. I plan on checking readings again from the brain connector to the various components both cold and hot.

3. Cold start is not a problem. Its only after its at 80+ C degrees that the stalling occurs. I might have to rig up some manually controlled idle valve.

4. Timing is completely controled by the computer. You can`t even see the timing marks on the crank, there is no room.

5. It does need a set of new wires. If I pull off the wires one at a time while the car is running, there is noticeably less arc present on cylinder two. But there is no visible arcing or miss while the car is running. Its another $180 investment I need to make.

6. Fuel filter was replaced. I also removed the smaller screens from the fuel distributor. They looked pretty clean.

7. I tried playing with the mixture, on both ends of the acceptable range with no difference.

8. I did open up the CIS computer and look at the curcuit boards, but saw nothing out of the ordinary. They are suppose to be fairly robust.

If I drive it while hot, it will attempt to stall at lights. But, if I stop and keep my foot on the gas to keep it idling and then put it into neutral and slowly release my foot it will generally idle a nice steady 900 rpm. If I rev it at this point, it generally will not stall.

I appreciate your time and thoughts. I am going to give it a few more hours of my FREE time and if I fail, seek new professional help.

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