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I'm trying to find the part number for the fog light indicator bulb. In post number 1 he lists 2 numbers. I can't get either of these to work. The EPCnet number is 14 digits long, typically the epc numbers are 10 digits long and in this sequence 124 xxx xx xx. Can anyone help decipher these number?

___N. lights
______1. Nozzle lights and light for illumination of headlight control N000000001061 x 4 (EPCNet 124.290 54 395 158. Also A0008250094) “air nozzle lighting and rotary switch lighting”
______2. Foglamp indicator bulb: A0025440194 (EPCNet 124.290 54 640 11)

The one for the fog light indicator is in the center of the switch shaft, you pull off the knob and it should be right there in the middle behind the orange "dot" in the knob. EPC 124.128, group 54, subgroup 640, callout 11, part # 002-544-01-94.

Thanks Dave
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