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Your input seems to cover the most ground from a technical standpoint. I thank you; it seems plausible. I am not well-versed in the idiosyncrasies of ABS; in fact I never did like the concept. I consider myself a very good driver and I abhor unnecessary expense & complexity. But we got (what seemed like) a good deal on this bloody Olds.
I still find it odd that both sides decided to act up at the same time (I've done two other front brake jobs on the car, with no problem). No, I didn't open the bleed screws; I didn't know it was a no-no. But I didn't do it the other times, either.
By the way, I went to another auto parts store and miked their rotors & pads for this car. The stackup was even thicker than the parts I put on. The counter guy (I love these guys) said "Oh, yeah, they will get hot and even smoke until they're worn in. I've had 'em burn the paint off the metal part of the pad." This seems so odd to me...
Anyway, I put my parts back on. They slid right over the rotor this time, so I think I may be in the clear. I will drive very cautiously for a bit and pay close attention to braking performance.
I look forward to ridding myself of this, our last piece of Detroit iron for the foreseeable future (except the ones that are a "can't lose" like the '79 T-Bird winter beater I just bought for $300; it runs! What fun!).
My wife's next car will be a previously-owned M-B, preferably a Diesel.
Say hello to Chewbacca and Pizza the Hut.
Thanks again.
Now you're suckin' Diesel!

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