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Just returned from trip to Raleigh & and back (100 mi) on 300D. Today, this car regained its MB driving and riding qualities!! The squeaking, rattling and banging noises were from the worn sway bar links immediately inside of each rear wheel. Overall improvement in ride is likely due to installation of new Bilsein shock absorbers. Drastic improvement in driving is mainly due to replacement of steering gear box with rebuilt unit. I purchased the sway bar links from Rusty Cullens (<$6 ea.) I would certainly think PartsShop has them, too. IMPCO also has them. I think they are reasonably easy to change. I did not change them myself, because I was getting the steering gear box changed by pro. alignment/suspension guys, & it was very easy, convenient and economical to let them change the links and the shocks, too - $95 labor for all of it.

Wife drove the car back from Raleigh; I think she was well-impressed, too. First time she has driven the 300D; she usually drives the 91 350SDL, which replaced 80 240D totaled almost 5 years ago. The 300D does not drive and ride nearly as good as the 126, but I am well-pleased with it now.

Wilton Strickland
Goldsboro, NC
91 350 SDL. 81 300D
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