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Thanks for the reply but, I did check. None of them mentioned anything about disconnecting or not disconnecting the battery or much detail. The reference is for the intake manifold not, wiring harness. I saw that post also. It seems pretty lengthy and complicated. I just hope I do not have that problem as well.

The reason why I changed all the above items were first they were overdue except, the oz sensor. The code tripped so, I did it. The spark plug wires was the idea from the MB dealer themself but, decided do it myself since it took them 3 days just to diagnose the problem. So, I took it upon myself since, I did not want to wait any longer for the car not, to mention it was cheaper for me to do it myself. However, that did not resolve much except a little higher rpm during idle about, 200rpm more or less. Same intermittent miss during idle.

I cut into the wrapping around the wire harness and low and behold. It looked exactly like the pictures that have been posted. So, even if it is not due to this problem. I am going have to change it out anyways.

A footnote to all this is that lately. My door locks will pop unlock simultaniously by, itself when driving. If it is associated to the idling problem. I haven't a clue. When this happens. I press the driver's side door with my arm to lock it again. The lock from the driver's side door locks but, not the other doors. When I lock it from the outside when the car is off. The locks work fine including, the windows rolling up and the sunroof closing. No problems whatsoever. It is only the occasional unlocking of all the doors by itself. If someone knows anything. Let me know.

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