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C220 fan switch bulb

A simple problem on my 1994 C220. The bulb in the heater (fan) switch has blown; I can pull the knob off the front and see the bulb but can't see how to get it out. Does it pull out from the front if I can find a way of getting hold of it or does it push in from behind and require the radio or other bits to be removed to get to it. A simple question but my car manual shows nothing useful. Trying to buy the bulb from a dealer so I would have a clue how it might be fitted proved less than useful, (once I found the parts department, otherwise described as a cleaners cupboard with a whole in the wall, hidden at the back of the flash showroom), as all they supposedly could say is it could be one of three types you will have to bring the bulb in!

If any one has done this job and can give me a hint of how to get the bulb out it would be most appreciated.


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