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Dan Rotigel
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surging on deacceleration

I am also having problems with surging on deacceleration. Mine happens when I am in gear, below 4k rpms, and have taken my foot off of the gas pedal. Another symptom that I believe was related was that there was a delay of about a half an inch from when i started pressing the giggle pedal to when anything happened.

I was about to wade into the KE system, but first I checked the throttle linkage on the side of the fuel distributor. As it turned out, two things appeared to be happening. First, the linkage had worn to the point that it was causing that half inch delay. In addition, the wearing had occured in such a way that it was not allowing the fuel cutoff switch to engage completely when I took my foot off the gas! This was what I think was causing my surging, the switch was making occasional contact, but not all of the time. Further investigation revealed that the switch was occasionally sticking also.

The parts are ordered, switch and most of the linkage came to 60 odd dollars. I'll update this post after this weekend.
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