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Conversing with the dealer with the 600SL he was very cool and he was very confident in his extended warranty. Ballpark I should get 4 years of warranty for about 2000 bucks, so Im not super worried about expensive parts or a bad engine/trans, Im sure expendables will be expensive, but oh well.

We are also getting a computer readout from the dealership, and the carfax checked out.

Just to be safe I am keepng my daily commuter for the time being, until this one has proven itself. I cannot wait to go test drive it Thursday. I wish some of the techs on here would have advised me on this, but Im sure they are busy doing their own thing. For those of you that did advise me, thanks much, very much appreciated. I do know it will be an expensive auto, but Im less worried with the warranty, plus its not like Im poor either, just "frugal".... lol.

If anyone has any further opinions on the 600SL please let me know before Thurs.
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