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Replaced mine at 140,088 miles with a Behr. Still had the original housing so replaced that too.

Now the Behr is quick to heat to the first thermostat mark 60C but takes some 6 or 7 minutes to get to 80C but will maintain 80C in sub 0 weather. Will replace with a Wahler. I understand both brands have an excellent reputation.

I think I may have cooked it when the temperature went 3/4 of the way to the 100C mark while on cruise with the air blasting going up a 15 mile grade on Interstate 15. It was advised to turn off air conditioning at the base of the hill.

I have always had the belief that you could reach 100C before and damage was done and that a thermostat or engine and it would fail open at 120C. I suspect that I have a partial fail resulting in a fast opening. New Wahler thermostat ordered now if it would only warm up outside.
1999 Mercedes E300TD daily driver sold at 238K miles 106K miles were mine, rust worm got it :-(
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