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key, starting issue. No car right now

Hello all,

I am having a problem w/ my 85 300d

Last time I drove it, it started up no problem.

Went to start it this last time and the key will not budge in the #3 position.

I can get #1 and #2 and #3 position on the key

I have a factory steel key, tried both the valet and the original

The problem is, once I get it into the #3 position to start it will not turn any further, like it has something blocking it.

The steering wheel is not locked

I have tried jiggling the key to no end.

Tried several times to go back to the #1 key position and restart, still same out come.

I can get the glow and the dash lights and headlights to come on by key.

I tried several times to go thru the gears and tried forcing the park position thinking it could be the neutral safety switch.

Trying to start in nuetral no change

The car is still sitting where I left it which is not at home.

Concerns: If I am able to jump the starter (which I need directions for please) will the steering lock on me while driving it?

Any advise on how to get this thing home (other than a tow) and working again would be appreciated..not sure if it is the tumbler or the switch or the locking mechanism or something else

First time stranded...BTW the taxi cab driver had a stash of beer in his center console, not very comforting at the time..found out AFTER he drove me home
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