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FWIW a new key and tumbler can be purchased from the Classic Center for $25 or so. You give them your VIN and the new key and tumbler arrives in a few days.

I had a problem last month where mine was bollixed up and would sometimes not turn at all and at other times it would turn but I could not get the key out. Assuming I would need to replace the whole enchilada, I ordered a key/tumbler and steering lock assembly and when they arrived I extracted the old tumbler/captured key then installed the new assembly and presto! everything worked just fine. Returned the $180 steering lock assembly and all is well with the world. Also, after I removed the old tumbler I was able to wrestle the old key out and the new key worked just fine in it. I may have needed just the new key but I kept the new tumbler installed.

Now, the solution to your problem may require replacing the steering lock assembly but for $25 it may be worth a shot and you get a new key that matches your others to boot.

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