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Question Fuses and Diesel Injection Question-Long


First wanted to say hi to everyone since I'm new to the board. I have a 1975 300D that I just recently purchased and I am in the process of learning how to care for it. I had two questions that I was hoping someone could answer for me.

1) The previous owner used glass fuses (except for one of the fuses) instead of the ceramic fuses which appearantly are supposed to be in there (as per my BMW friend). I suspect this is the reason the heater blower motor is not working, so I wanted to replace them with OEM spec fuses. Can I get the ceramic fuses at any of the parts houses (AutoZone, Kragen, Pepboys, etc.) or is this an MB parts thing only? Is there a link soemone can provide for getting them cheap?

2)I had the engine compartment steamcleaned the other day, before I did some work on the steering box (bolt sheared off, so I had to pull it and EZ-out the bolt). I've noticed that all of the injectors have a puddle around their bases, so it would seem that there is some fuel seepage going on. What could be causing this and how do I fix it? FYI-the top of the injectors seem to be dry, it is just the area around each injector where it enters the head/lower manifold (?) that is soaked.


BTW-If anyone has any tips of this model in so far as taking care of a diesel, filters to use, maintennance tips, etc., they sure would be appreciated. I did just order a CD with the service manuals on it, so that should help a lot. Also, what weight oil do you guys recommend for these engines (as far as type I've heard overwhelmingly Mobil One Synthetic)
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