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Originally Posted by whunter View Post
Emission gas readings are irrelevant, the only EPA spec for 1985 and earlier is opacity.

Your vehicles failed opacity??
No state can legally fail these engines for any other reason.

I suppose that's true, but that's kind of a tricky response... "They can't tell it's broken" vs. "They don't care". It still violates EPA regs. Weather or not NOx is actually bad for the environment is another debatable topic.

Check out this thread:

EPA Test of the Trap Ox on 85 617s

I'd love to get the NOx differences on my car... but when I started testing the EGR I think I misplaced all the vacuum lines for it

I would venture that most 617s running around today have horrible tailpipe emissions compared to when they were new... retarded timing from stretched chains and worn injectors probably make a ton more PM and HC.

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