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Off - the steering lock can engage;
I - it can't, and this is the "accessory" position;
II - it can't and this is the "run" position;
START - it can't stay here since it's spring-loaded back to II. If it can't get to START, I don't think that's the tumbler's fault, but is the ignition switch fault.

To answer your above questions
1. Yes I was going back to the start position each retry of the starting process

I was calling the #0 position incorrectly, I called it #1

The car would go to the start position and not spring back to the #2 position.

The corrosion I was referring to is under the hood on the phillips screw heads that mount in the plasic box in the fender well..I will correct that tiny bit of rust just dirt build up I think

The ignition was taken apart and the conclusion of the broken part was the item pictured, everything else looks good so far, we'll find out when it gets put back together

I do have a question.... the spring loaded button on the end of that part used to lock the steering, is it supposed to have a slight angle on it? I am guessing that makes it easier to slide into place? Or is that worn?
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