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i hope you are counting on spending alot on repairs

As a college student i would be concerned with the amount of money it takes to keep these things on the road.

Just replaced the arm bushings and ABS unit - cost at an independent shop - $2100 - dealer would have been a lot more

Head gasket is leaking .... another $1000

Oxygen sensor - 400

Water Pump - 480

Misc BS - 500

My advice - if you are already planning on spending 10-15K buy an old 85 300D - they are tanks, look cool and you could pick one up for about 5k - save the rest of your money for repairs on it. If you are on a serious budget - forget it. Buy a honda or toyota.

I would not buy another C280 - maybe I got a lemon but I have seen similar problems with this model.

96 C280 - 110K
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