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John, I felt the same way you do now when my car was experiencing several different driveability problems. The diagnosis was apparently difficult for the technician to make, and was replacing a lot of parts that didn't seem to fix the problem completely. The car was getting better in small increments, but not completely. When the technician was testing parts, I was just hoping that something would be diagnosed as bad, just so that I would have a resolution.

I threw a ton of parts at the car to fix it. More than what you have so far.

If you'd like to read my saga and have time to kill, get a hanky first to wipe the tears from your eyes.

Do a search on all the posts I've made, and go to the very first posts I've made.

I've spent a fortune on this car. More than I'd ever imagine. But at least I won the battle, and the car really does run beautifully.
Paul S.

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