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suginami -- I've read most of your posts and have been taking alot of notes! In the last 18 months, the car has set me back over $8k in maintenance and repairs. Add onto that another $3.5k for a repaint, $3k for a stereo and about another $1.5k in fun stuff. Hmmm - $22k for the car plus another $16k -- A monthly run rate of $1,700! What's the word I'm searching for --- "oooops"? I'm in so deep in this car, I would rather tell my fiancee that I cheated on her than admit how much this car has cost!

But yes, the dream (that tiny, tiny speck of light at the end of tunnel) is that the car will be back to where it should be and then it will go another 30k to 50k miles without issue. At 95k is has plenty of life left in it. On flip side, I took a tour through Parts Lane and totalled up all the major components between the fuel pumps to the engine and then a couple other sensors. This could easily go another $2k to $3k. The hard part is figuring out when just to give up.
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