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Thanks on the tips-by Autozoo, I assume you mean Autozone?

On the injectors-I had ruled out the idea of it being those braided lines because only the cast metal around the base of each injector is wet, and the injectors are still real clean looking. Could it be possible for fuel to leak from the braided lines and evaporate and not leave any residue? I'm still new to diesel, I was under the impression that it still left a mess when it evaporated, am I wrong?

BTW-should have mentioned it before, when its running, the braided lines don't show any sign of leaking, plus my brother swears he saw fuel bubble up a little around the base of one of the injectors. Do these injectors utilize rubber o-rings like the plastic Bosch injectors on my Ford 5.8, or do they seal differently?

Thanks agin on the info.
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