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I'm looking at replacing my entire exhaust system on my 88 300E due to rust and a crack in the converter and have been shopping the net. A company called sells complete exhaust systems for MB cars for around 800 bucks. This includes cats, mufflers and pipes. It is a stainless steel exhaust system too. I've had positive feedback regarding timevalve from some of the folks on this site. I've heard mixed messages about chain type muffler shops for MB replacements so I'm thinking of going with timevalve and having an MB independent service place install it. If you replaced the entire exhaust system and the car still didn't pass emmissions I would guess that something is going on with your new motor. In any case you could try to find a local independent shop "make" your car pass emmissions. What they do is adjust the fuel mixture on the car to lean it out during the test. The car will run aweful during the test but the emmissions will be low and it will pass. Once the test is done they just reset the fuel mixture back to its normal setting. Of course this is not the best solution but it is a temporary solution.
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