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OK, On the right side rear is a brown wire, a ground wire, I was told all grounds are brown. It leads up behind the plastic covering in the trunk. I'll have to take all this apart and give it a through checking and cleaning. I did do a cleaning and reattaching of the battery ground cable this summer as part of a general going through my "new" car. Is there some kind of body ground strap someplace that might also need checking?I have other electrical problems, no defroster in rear, radio antenna that worked for a while then stopped, really odd behavior of cruise control, cruise on, press in the left most button on the climate control panel and it disengages the cruise. Pul lever to resume on cruise starts it back up. The car is leaking a bit around the windshield gaskets, frt and rear and I had to fix a giant leak from under the battery so I'm also a little worried thee might be a lot of prblems under the dash. I really kind of hate electrical grief, especially now that it's starting to get wet and cold.
Thanks for your suggestions.
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