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I am surprised that MB (?) says that offset keys are not available. I have a 250SL, M129 engine, and have checked and adjusted the cam timing using offset keys obtained from a dealer. Perhaos the guys at the Partsshop can help, or one of the specialists like SL Tech in Maine, or S & S in Texas, or Star Quality in NY. I used the procedure outlined in the Factory Repair Maunals for passenger cars up 1959 and up AND the 1968 and up 108-109-113 chassis cars (the /8 cars). My chain was retarded about 2 degress with about 17,000 miles on it. I'm pretty sure this was not a wear issue, but an individual tolerance issue. The process for checking the valve timing is not complicated, but requires a good understanding and good measuring tools. Your best bet may be to find someone who actually still knows something about these cars (rare at a dealer these days). Afetr all, the cars are 30+ years old now.
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