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After much soul searching and pondering I think Im going to wait a little time. The 600 I was looking at had 91k miles with no service records, plus in the carfax it had 5 owners and was in 2 auctions, didnt seem to be a keeper for some reason.

My goal is to save a bit more and get a 1996 or newer 500SL, or 600 if it pops up. I think I will be plenty happy with a newer 500 though.

Thanks much for the input guys, you possibly saved me from a bad investment.

By the way, my cousin, a dealer, keeps trying to talk me into a bimmer, ive driven a 1999 M3 and a 1998 540i sport, they are very nice and they can corner like no other auto, but something is just missing, some kind of look or feeling, make no mistake, my dream car is a MB.

Thanx again...
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