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Expert Opinion - Cracked Windsheild

The dealer in Saint John, N.B. Canada worked on my vehicle to replace the blower motor in my 1989 E260. As it turned out, the mechanic said the blower wasn't the problem, instead he said its the electronic controller which they didn't have in stock. So for $300+ I got my car back with still no heat.(You may think I'm crazy already for paying for this but, the next closest dealer is 500km away in another province). I drove home with this overwhelming smell of penetrating oil.

A week later I was just lucky enough to notice a small glimmer of light reflecting on the passenger side windsheild. I stopped the car, it was a crack which developed from under the bottom trim at the bottom of the windshield. Of course, I went back to the mechanic to tell him what happened and he and the dealer stated its not their fault. I asked them to explain how the crack in the windshield got there as there is no rock chip and they were the only ones with the trim off the car.

The mechanic said it must be a stress problem with the car. I never heard of E260's - 124 Chaissis having stress problems-- anyone know statistics? This car is in immacualate shape, no rust, no previous history of problems with the windshield.

I have an appointment with Mercedes Canada's, field service manager on November 19th to hear my complaint. Would anyone out there care to give their opinion on this for me to bring along?

Good or bad, I'll bring them all.
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