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Angry A year of running hot (Arrgh !)

I figured I'd throw this out at you guys because I don't know what next to try. My car has been running hot for over a year.

I've flushed the rad about 4 times, I've had a pinhole in the rad fixed, I've even (during the summer) hard wired my aux fan to run all the time, because it doesn't seem to come on when it's supposed to.

The only thing left that I haven't done, is replace a hose leading to my heater that should be an "S" hose and instead there is a straight hose on there that is slightly bent, but the coolant flows through fine. I was also thinking of replacing the thermostat, but it seems to be opening fine.

Is there anything I've overlooked ?

It's almost winter and I can't believe that the cold air hasn't helped.



1976 230 W115
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